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TIA Tire Service Patch



1st Call Mobile Repair offers spare mounts, flat repairs, and much more.   At this time 1st Call Mobile Repair can service the following National Accounts; Michelin, Yokohama, Continental, and Hankook


Our tire services include Flat Repair, Spare Changes both mounted and unmounted, and much more.  We are unable to balance tires and complete section repairs on tires.  All Tire Service(s) will be complete within TIA guidelines.


A Stack of Tires  1st Call Mobile Repair has a small stock of recap tires and used tires.  Our Tire vendor we has access to their stock 24 hours a day to obtain tires we do not carry in stock.


Flat Repair                                                        $49.99 tx           

Mounted Spare Change                                  $29.99tx

Un-mounted Spare Change                            $39.99 tx

Valve Stem Change                                         $27.99 tx

Tractor Air Service                                        $19.99 tx

Trailer Air Service                                         $14.99 tx

Con-Gear Air Service                                     $9.99 tx

General Tire Service  Non-Holiday              $90.00 per hour      1 hr min

General Tire Service  Holiday                       $115.00 per hour      1.5 hr min.


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If you or your company has any questions about our tire service please feel free to contact our office by phone or email at 775-200-4071 or